Saturday, February 20, 2016

Around Bari, Italy: 5 Must-See Places

I've come to accept that pictures are worth way more than words on this visual Black Hole some of us call the Interwebs.

I could write some personal impressions--like 'Walking into ancient Matera's Sassi, I felt like one of Jesus's disciples might just ask me for directions,' or 'Polignano looks like a stop on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride'-- but I won't. If these photos interest you, then you might be inspired to take the next post-Post Modern step: Google it (i.e. search the Internets using the most popular search engine in the world) and find all that you ever wanted and much more. 

 (All the locations below are within 1 hour of Bari, Italy)

1. Matera (Sassi)

2. Monopoli

3. Polignano al Mare

4. Castellana di Grotte

5. Alberobello (Trulli)

Bari (Centro Historico)

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